Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Welcome Igor

This is Igor, a Russian Tortoise and a new addition to my little menagerie I like to refer to as The Zoo.  He doesn't live on the farm with the chickens, of course.  Currently, he's living in our Cub Scout Pack's Scout Room where the scouts are observing him for one of their awards. Once they are done with their observations, Igor comes and lives with me at our place.  The hubby is thrilled.  The son is thrilled.
I have discovered that Russian Tortoises are very entertaining and smart.  Prior to going to live in the scout room, Igor lived in my son's room where he (Igor) enjoyed watching TV. The minute my son turned it on, Igor would make his way down to that end of the terrarium and stand there watching.  He also recognized my voice, and when he would hear me enter the room, he would come to the side of the terrarium, climb on his log and stretch his neck out for a scratch.  He's not cuddly like a dog, but he's pretty cool just the same.