Thursday, October 29, 2015

National Cat Day

 In celebration of National Cat Day, 
here are the cats in my life.
This is Templeton.
He lives in the barn at my mom's house and is her cat.
I rescued him from my old neighborhood where someone wanted 
to introduce him to their pitbull.
He wasn't happy in the house, 
so he went to be the barn cat.

This is Gibbs.
He lives with me and is the most affectionate cat I've ever been around.
I can't sit or lie down without him throwing himself at me.
He flops on me continuously until I pet him.

This is Abby.
She currently lives in my mom's barn but she's techinically my cat.
She and Gibbs are siblings.
She seriously looks like a panther in this photo.

And this little guy is the newest member Chunk.
My son named him after the character in our favorite movie The Goonies.
He lives in the house here and is just starting to get along with Gibbs.
He has made himself my son's cat and is pretty laid back for a kitten.
My husband claims he thinks he's a dog
(he rolls over for belly rubs- the cat not my husband)