Monday, August 3, 2015


I've been pretty busy the last few days.
Some referred to it as "Martha Stewart on crack",
but it doesn't matter, because I'm getting crap done.
I picked up some apricots at the local Farmer's Market last weekend
and thought I could dehydrate them in the dehydrator 
I picked up at a yard sale
(brand new still in the box).
I have a big hike coming up in a couple of months and 
I'm hoping to make all my own meals with the new toy.
So I cut up the apricots.
Tossed them with some fruit saver to prevent them from discoloring
and popped them in the dehydrator.
One quart did 2 trays.
They turned out okay.
I've also tried zucchini chips (not a fan)
and banana chips (the husband says they're okay too).
Beef jerky is on the list to try!
In the meantime, 
I'm canning beets, pickles, beans and baking bread while battling squash bugs
and rearranging and organizing the apartment. 
I need a vacation!