Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Keeping Cool

The temperatures here have been hitting the 90 degree mark for several days now.
Not only is it uncomfortable for me,
but it's also uncomfortable for the chickens.
I came across this idea on Pinterest
(a dangerous place that provides endless projects for my husband me)
The idea is simple and inexpensive.
Take a muffin tin and fill each opening with corn.
Add water then put it in the freezer.

When they're frozen, run some warm water on the back of the tin
and the frozen cornsicles pop right out.

I made a bunch and store them in a freezer bag and grab a couple to toss to the girls.
You can also do something similar with other veggies
or fruit.
And you don't have to just use a muffin tin,
you could choose something much larger
(but I like the ease of storage in the muffin size treats).
The girls love them!