Friday, July 31, 2015


Baby, it's hot out there!
While working in the garden one evening,
I noticed several of the chickens were holding their wings away from there body
and "panting".
Having read this was a sign they were getting over heated,
I grabbed a bucket and filled it with cool water.
Then one by one I stuck them in the bucket of water.
None of them were happy about being grabbed, 
but they all seemed to appreciate the cooling affect of the water.
My Jersey Giant Lenore 
.(formerly one of the Heckle and Jeckle pair but since I lost the other JG,
there was no longer a pair, 
so she's named for the woman in the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven)
anyway, Lenore wasn't quick to get out the water. 
She stayed in the bucket for a couple of minutes while I splashed water over her back.
Afterwards, they all seemed much happier and began scratching and exploring the grass
in the temporary run.
So remember, when it's hot outside, keep an eye on your chickens
and keep a bucket handy in case they start showing signs of being overheated!