Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Haul

We finally found time to pay attention to our struggling garden.
This year, it just doesn't seem to be doing very well at all.
Last year we had produce all over the place- 
so much I couldn't keep up with preserving it all.
Not this year.
I blame the late spring start,
the cooler than normal temps
and lack of fertilization.
So our next step is to fertilize the heck out of the garden.
While we were hacking down the jungle growth weeding
I came across this fat Eastern American Toad
hiding in the soil beneath what was supposed to be my cabbage plants.
(they were plants, they just never gave me cabbage)
He was pretty fat.
Big E yelled at me to stop playing with the toad and start 
wielding my machete helping him weed.
The squash bugs are one of the few things that are growing well.
The ground was moving with them. 
So we ripped out most of the squash and zucchini and pumpkins
and I sprayed the area with Neem oil hoping to kill them off.
This probably the last large haul from the garden this year.
Carrots and beets did well.
I'll be canning those this week.
The tomatoes are doing ok,
hopefully I'll continue to get some so I have enough for pasta sauce.