Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY: Magazine Files

Because I have limited space in my new place,
I have to make use of as much vertical storage space as possible.
So I had Big E install some shelves above the desk in our room.
But because I still wanted the room to look nice
(as nice as it can with the nasty paneling and ugly carpet)
I wanted to use magazine files to hide all the computer paper,
clip boards, binders, spiral note books and magazines.
Unfortunately the nice magazine files are pricey.
So I happened to find a way to make my own.
First, you need boxes.
The USPS is nice enough to offer them for free.
Just walk in and get them from the display.
You'll need to make sure that a magazine will fit.
I used 2 different sizes, one that just fit the 8.5 width of a magazine
and one larger that can hold binders and such.

Put your boxes together and tape them shut
just like you were getting ready to ship it.

Now it's time to cut the box to the right shape.
Measure about 1.5" from the front edge
and draw a line
(as seen on the left side of the box above)
then draw a line from the corner of the box to the end of the line
(this makes the diagonal cut)
Use a box cutter to cut along the line
and your box will then look like the one above.
On the inside of the box, tape down the loose flaps so they don't snag anything.
Then you have a magazine file.
But it's ugly.
I tried using wrapping paper to cover them, 
but was less than happy with the result.
Then I had an idea.
Decorative duct tape.
Just run the tape down the box.
I left about an inch on the ends to fold over the edges.
At the corners, 
cut the tape so that it lays flat and neat.
And here you have the finished product.
Because the pattern is so busy, 
I didn't really worry about lining it up 
and it looks fine. 
(I promise to take better photos next time!)