Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cucumber Trellis

Last year I saw something on Pinterest about a cucumber trellis.  
I have never been able to grow decent cukes in my garden- ever- 
and never knew anything about growing them on a trellis.  
But I figured what the heck.  
Last year I did get a few cukes- more than I have before.  
So this year I decided to plant more and make the trellis again.
I used some garden stakes for the frame. 
They work, but if you want something really sturdy
or something you can reuse each season,
I'd suggest using wood that is a little stronger.
(Next year I'll be buying better wood).
With the frame built, I stapled chicken wire to the frame.
Then attached stakes at the appropriate height and secured it in the ground.  
Not sure why it seems to work- maybe the increased air circulation- but it does work.
Hoping for enough cucumbers to pickle and have in my salad.
(Left trellis is pickling cukes, right is burpless for salad)