Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bean Trellis

We like beans around here,  
but I only managed one measly row of bush beans in the garden.
So I decided to find a spot to fit in a bean trellis for some pole beans.

So I hiked to the back 40
which is really only the back 2.
Or Tick Haven as I came to call it.
It needs to be mowed.
I found some straight locust branches growing on the stump of a tree 
we cleared from the fence line
and cut them off. 
I'm guessing they were around 10 feet long.
I dragged them back up to the garden and cleaned off all the smaller branches and leaves
and cut them to about 8 foot lengths.

Abby watched, 
probably waiting till I turned my back so she could mess with them
(don't leave iced tea cups on the fence while you garden, she sticks her tongue in them)

I ended up needing 2 more poles
and the help of Big E because he's taller.
We tied the poles together and buried the ends in the ground a few inches for stabilization.
I planted the beans.
Now I just need to tie twine around it for more area for the beans to climb.
We'll see what happens.
The end result should be a crap load of beans in a much smaller space.
In fact, Big E thinks we need to go with pole beans entirely if things go well with this one.
I agree since I discovered the chickens have trampled some bush beans
because they were impeding their route between the shade of the cucumber trellis
and the shade of the squash plants.