Friday, June 7, 2013

German Johnson

While out shopping for tomato plants for the garden, 
I came across an heirloom variety I hadn't heard of before- 
the German Johnson.  
Because my humor tends to run along the same lines as an adolescent youth, 
I immediately purchased one for the garden.  
Just because it was called a German Johnson.

My German Johnson growing in the garden
I did do a little research on it out of curiosity.
It was brought to Virginia and North Carolina by immigrants.
It is one of the parent plants to the Mortgage Lifter tomato.
The fruits are pink and low in acid and seeds
and it's perfect for slicing or canning.
The tomatoes get to be about 3/4- 1.5 pounds.
It's said to be the best tomato for BLT's.
So basically, an awesome tomato with an awesome name.
First German Johnson tomato
So far, I love this plant.
How many other plants make you laugh?
Case in point- this conversation heard at the nursery:

Guy #1: I used to have a German Johnson.
Guy #2: Me too, they're big.
Guy #1: Not many bigger than a German Johnson
Guy #2: Yep, I miss my Johnson, I think I'll have to get me another.