Monday, May 16, 2016

Garden Angel

It's been a busy weekend around here.
It's been raining for weeks, 
and we finally had some sun so I had to kick outside gardening chores into high gear.
We have our first cook out at the house this Sunday, 
and I still have a pretty long To-Do list I'm trying to complete.
Most important on the list is to finish digging out the new garden beds.
Once that it done, everything will look neater.
So I got up early (before 7am) on Saturday
and worked until noon when the rains came in.
Yesterday, I got up and started working at 8am.
At noon Big E came home and started helping.
I'm happy to say that most of the garden beds are defined except for one small area
that I will complete once I get home today.
I went to my parents' house to pick up some of my outdoor stuff
like the patio table, kids playhouse and lawn ornaments.
My favorite is the one pictured above, 
a garden angel.
It was once my grandmother's-
a gift for Mother's Day.
There's a story too.
My mom asked my thoughts on a possible gift for my grandmother for Mother's Day on year.
I suggested going to Frank's Nursery & Crafts and getting her a lawn ornament.
My grandmother and I went to Frank's all the time, it was our thing,
and she liked several of the lawn decorations they had.
So we all went to Frank's and my mom told my grandmother to pick out what she wanted.
She loved this angel, it was one she pointed out to me on several of our trips.
Of course, we never looked at the price and when my mom went to pay, 
it ended up being somewhere around $100.
It was always something we joked about afterwards.
So I picked up the angel
and planned on setting it in the area by the house where the hydrangeas will be going.
But a voice told me to put it amongst the peonies
(It wasn't a voice from the heavens I heard, just a small one in my head, I'm not that crazy).
So when I got home, I set her with the peonies
and it looked like that was where she was meant to be. 
Right now, it's my favorite area of the garden.