Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Mother Cluckers

Somewhere, somehow, I developed the desire to raise backyard chickens.  
So, like every other crazy nutty farfetched good idea, I began to research it. 
It wasn't until I moved back to my parents' house with their 6.5 acres 
that I was finally able to set the plan in motion.  

l to r: Fetch, Camilla, Catch, Matilda and Big Berta.
I started with 5 chicks (the minimum required to purchase at the local feed store)- 
Both are breeds that are relatively docile and good "pet" chickens
(a must with a 6 year old boy hell bent on making everything his pet). 
I set the brooder up in the basement using an old 150 gallon rubbermaid water trough, some pine shavings, a brooding lamp and the necessary water and food. 
 A week later while shopping at the local Ace Hardware, I ended up purchasing an Ameraucana chick.  While the other 5 chicks were pullets (or girls),
this one was from a straight run meaning I had a 50/50 chance at another hen. 

News Flash: Chickens grow fast.

It did not take long for them to grow and start looking like grown up chickens.

Time to build the coop!

P.S. I found the book Chick Days quite helpful. 
It's short and to the point and written in a way that makes reading it enjoyable.
The author also has a blog that is both informative and inspiring: Cold Antler Farm