Friday, June 29, 2012

The Barn Cats: Meet Gibbs

He's one of three barn cats.
  He doesn't like barn life and spends most of his time around the house.

He laid in this rocker for 4 hours during a recent party
Never moved except to meow at the party goers walking by
He'd rather spend his days being held like a baby.  
When one of our neighbors came to cut the hay field, Gibbs ran right up to the tractor and climbed in the guys lap where he sat while the neighbor and my mom discussed the goings-on.  

Lately Gibbs has been trying his hardest to sneak into cars.  
Typically cats and cars don't mix, but he's bound and determined to get in them and stay there.  
So far this week he's almost gotten rides to work and daycare.

He also enjoys the chickens- but not in the way you might think.  
He typically just hangs out with them.  
If their run is open so they can free range, Gibbs goes in to lay down in the run.  
Cat on a Hot Coop Roof
He was oh so helpful meowing directions while I was painting the chicken coop.