Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bathroom Progress

I finally got some photos of the bathroom.
I happened to stop at the house in the afternoon while my dad was busy working on it.
I was able to help him out with some of the renovations.
Ok, so really I stood on the stepladder 
and held the measuring tape so he could measure the width of the ceiling.
We have some insulation up.
And the window that overlooked the laundry room has been closed off
and framed out.
And we have new electric wires run
for outlets and light switches.
The pipe in the corner has also been framed out.
We will be losing some ceiling height in the bathroom-
it will only be about 8'2" in there.
The ceiling will basically drop down to the underside of the new 2x4 in the photo.
There were never any exhaust fans in the bathrooms
so we're adding those and that requires venting them to the outside.
And that required a loss of some ceiling height.
Not a big deal in the bathroom.
The bathroom downstairs used to be some kind of porch in the past.
You can see the old transom above the doorway. 
I would love to be able to restore the transom somehow,
like with a stained glass window that doesn't open.
But currently, the kitchen ceiling comes down over the opposite side of the transom
and we are nowhere near ready to do the work to raise the kitchen ceiling to its former glory.
I'm hoping when we are redoing the kitchen, perhaps we can revisit the transom then.
Our bathroom sink will be located where the other sink was which is to the left in this photo.
The door will be switched to swing open on the other side
so it won't interfere with the sink.
I measured the spot for the shower stall, 
and I don't think a 42"x42" base is going to work.  
So it's back to the drawing board for that.
It doesn't look like much has been done here, 
but it has.
I can't wait for the finished product!