Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ugly Shrub Removal

This is a lilac bush located right outside the back door
and up against the back of the house.
I hate this shrub.
(it's tied for most hated with the ugly yews on the side of the house)
I like lilac bushes in general, 
but this one has to go.
It's old and hasn't been pruned properly
and has several dead and rotting areas in it.
So I cut it back, 
and last night Big E chained it to the truck
We (well, he) 
ripped that ugly sucker right out of the ground.
With minimal damage to the grass.
I've cleaned up the left over pieces of stump and roots
and filled in the hole.
This area is the site of a koi pond 
that I hope to start working on next year.
One shrub down, 
2 more lilac bushes to go
(and a forsythia).