Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After the Wedding

"After the wedding..." has been the typical response to nearly everything for the past month.
We need to get the tomatoes staked.- "After the wedding"
The chicken coop needs some new paint- "After the wedding"
Let's plan {insert activity here}- "After the wedding"
I need to blog- "After the wedding"
Finally, that day has arrived, 
but not I'm in the process of moving.
So here are a couple of shots.
First a photo of a hen and a couple of chicks at the beach at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.
Leave it to me to find chickens on a private island in the Caribbean.
(and take way too many photos of them).
Had I thought I could smuggle them through the ships security and through US Customs,
I would have grabbed one and brought it home.

 And last but not least,
a photo from our wildly wonderful photographer
Now it's time to get the jungle garden weeded
and start all those other projects that got left behind in the wedding process.