Monday, April 3, 2017


This weekend was busy,but it was productive.
Saturday I had a dog adoption event
to take my foster dog to.
He was adopted, so he makes the 3rd foster dog we've successfully found a home for.
Later that day, I managed to get a little deep cleaning done,
well, basically just deep cleaning the couch.
I also needed to degrease a vent hood for the kitchen.
Our hood no longer works, so every time we cook, the smoke detector goes off.
Big E replaced someone's hood at a job,
and brought the old one home
(there was nothing wrong with it other than it didn't match the people's new appliances)
With some cleaning and some appliance paint,
 we plan on replacing our broken hood with this one. 
Later that day, we headed out to REI to spend a lot of money 
get some new backpacking gear,
and hit one of my favorite Italian restaurants.
Sunday brought some warm temperatures and sunshine,
and that meant outside work.
I painted the vent hood.
No photos though, besides, who really wants to see a bunch of photos 
of a vent hood?
I managed to get a lot of the weed piles bagged up out of the garden,
so now I'm ready to get the flower beds tilled and mulched.
We also finally got around to measuring and marking stuff for the new fence.
You'll notice my stellar handwriting ability using spray paint.
Must be from my tagging days in Baltimore.
Okay, I never tagged anything and I lived in the 'Burbs.
Still, it's obvious I'd have mad tagging skills. 
Hopefully we'll be able to get our permit and get started on the fence.
It sure will be nice to let the dogs out and not have to walk them on the leash!
The day ended with a 3 mile hike and some shrimp creole at my mom's house.