Tuesday, June 2, 2015

With the General Population

This past Friday I moved Henny Penny into the Chicken Coop
but kept her segregated from the other chickens.

The chickens could see each other through the wire,
but they couldn't get to each other.

Last night I went ahead and removed the partition.
I moved around some things to give Penny some places to get away from the bigger hens.
I left the cat carrier in there so she has a good hiding place,
and I added the hanging cabbage that is supposed to help distract the chickens.
It doesn't really do anything so far.
Penny is the only one I've seen pecking at it.
She wasn't very happy with me releasing her into the general population.
She's the new girl on the block so she has to go through the whole
pecking order crap. 
I checked on her last night and this morning.
She slept in the coop
but was more skittish this morning about being with everyone.
Hopefully she'll be okay this time.