Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Ongoing Saga of Henny Penny

I seriously feel like I'm in a chicken soap opera.
It's been a rough 24 hours with the chickens.
I noticed something wrong with one of the Jersey Giants
yesterday evening but because of a scouting event I was required to attend,
there wasn't anything I could do.
At 10pm when I got home,
I found the sick pullet near the end
and she died in my arms in the rain by the light of my head lamp.
It was at that moment that I discovered Henny Penny also showing signs of illness.
This meant a sleepless night for me
as I researched the possible causes (respiratory infection)
can treatment.
In the morning, Penny was looking worse.
I wasn't sure she'd even make it long enough for me to treat her.
So I ran out to TSC to get what I needed
and set up the "chicken hospital" in my parents' basement.
When I got to the house at lunch,
she was thankfully alive.
I took her inside and began administering the drugs.
Ever give a chicken a shot?
You need at least 2 more hands.
Penny promptly bit me once I finished with the injection.
Then I had to pry her beak open to give her some Nutri-Boost.
The Nutri-Boost is supposed to help with dehydration, boost the immune system and help the antiboptic work more effectively.
I think I wore more of the foul smelling and looking stuff than I managed to get into her mouth.
When I was through and put her back in her cage,
she immediately started eating.
I'm hoping that's a positive sign.
I get to give her 2 more injections today.
I'm hoping to see signs of improvement this evening.