Friday, June 5, 2015

The Last Brown Egg

Yesterday I dosed Henny Penny 
with antibiotics and Nutri Boost
and she seems to be slightly improved.  
The rattling in her breathing is gone and she is eating and drinking
all promising signs.
I also managed to get home and clean and sanitize the coop and accessories.

Earlier in the day
I let the chickens out.
They were out for maybe 15 minutes
and in that time, Blaze Starr disappeared.
My brother searched the fields for any signs of her or feathers or anthing
but there was nothing.
Could have been the fox,
though my brother and I are leaning towards alien abduction.
So I collected the last brown egg
until the pullets start laying
(Zombie lays white eggs)
So I got the coops all cleaned and all the stuff sanitized.
While I was at it, I kept an eye on how the 3 chicken in the coop were behaving.
All 3 got along.
Zombie didn't chase or peck anyone,
and all 3 were able to eat together at the same time.
Something that never happened with Blaze
who did nothing but terrorize the smaller chickens.
So, while I'm sad I'm a chicken down,
I'm not sad she's gone.
Seriously thinking her bullying behavior created the stressful environment
that allowed this illness to take hold.