Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Supervisory Chicken

Yesterday evening I decided to work on painting the coop.
The wind was blowing pretty hard so spray painting the portions
that need to be sprayed was out of the question,
but it was a good time to get a coat or two on the rest of it.
I brought along Henny Penny so she could get some exercise,
but all she seemed to want to do is make sure I was doing my job properly.

I had to lay on my stomach on a piece of cardboard to get the areas
located under the coop.
Penny was especially curious about why I was doing that.

Eventually she decided she just needed to sit with me.
I wish she'd try to go make nice with the other young chickens,
but she always sticks by me when I'm out in the yard with her.
It was quite the challenge painting while trying to keep a curious chicken out of the paint.
I did manage to get at least one coat on pretty much everything
(except 2 boards I couldn't reach).
The area under the coop is finished
as I decided if I had to crawl under there I only wanted to do it once.
It needs a second coat
and I need to spray paint the wood that has the wire attached to it,
but other than that it's finished.