Tuesday, May 19, 2015

R.I.P. Chickens

My original 6 chickens 3 years ago
 As if life were stressful enough for me these days,
I lost the last two hens from my original 6 chicks.
And I lost them during my son's family birthday party.
It was definitely a downer.
Seems a fox got my Buff Orpington Bertha down by the barn.
The other 4 older hens scattered toward the house.
Two went to the coop,
Martha Stewart, my Araucana, ran toward the house.
The fox got her next to our deck.
So I'm down 2 layers
until the other pullets get older
(not till August/September time frame)
and I won't have any more green eggs.
Bertha in the Garden
Bertha looking for a treat
Martha Stewart is the chicken on the right
 Now the remaining chickens are locked up.
Penny is still at my house, 
though I'm growing tired of having her there 
in such tight quarters.
I guess there will be more chickens
since we put all that money and time into making the coop bigger.
But honestly, with everything going on, I don't know if I have the heart to bother with more.