Friday, May 1, 2015

Chicken Hospital

Henny Penny is back at the "chicken hospital"
in my hallway.
My mom called me Wednesday evening to say she was pretty sure
one of the new pullets had been pecked.
So I rushed over to assess the damage.
Penny was up and moving around, 
but a large area of her back end was bleeding
and she was missing quite a few feathers.
I also notice that she had her right eye half closed.
I wasn't really sure she would even make it.
 Yesterday she was up and around and eating and drinking normally.
Her eye is still closed
but she felt good enough to hop out of the cage and follow me to the kitchen
as I filled her water.
I think if we can keep her wounds from becoming infected,
she'll be okay. 
She's getting a small amount of aspirin in her water for pain, 
and I'm applying triple antibiotic ointment to her wounds to keep
the wound moist and hopefully prevent infection.