Monday, January 12, 2015


Lately it's occurred to me that I haven't done much blogging
about "farm" related topics.
Not that I really set this blog up to talk exclusively about "farming"
(and I put farming in quotes because really, 
4 chickens and a veggie garden do not a farm make)
but still, my focus here was going to be about
gardening, chickens, canning, food, etc.
You know.
Farm stuff.
But with the onset of winter
and crappy weather,
there hasn't been much to talk about.
after my wedding, 
I moved from the "farm" to a small apartment.
While I still go out and take care of the garden and the chickens,
it's not an all the time thing, 
especially with winter here.
And lately, my interests have been running to
hiking and backpacking
and the big trip planned for later in the year.
I had intended on blogging here about the trip's progress,
but then I wondered if that was a good idea.
How would someone know to look on a blog about "farming"
to read about preparing for an Appalachian Trail Section Hike?
Because I'd really like other people thinking of this sort of trip
or people who already do this sort of thing,
to read what I'm posting.
So I thought about another blog.
And that seemed silly too since I already have 4 blogs
and I struggle to post on any one of them
on a regular basis.
In the end, 
I opted to start a fifth blog
(really it was the husband who said do it like a 5th blog is not something to fret over which it really isn't since there aren't any blog police that I know of)
So, my Appalachian Trail Section Hike progress will be posted over on the new blog:
If you have an interest about the hiking thing
and all that entails
(like training and practice hikes and food and equipment and the actual hike)
please check it out and follow me there.
And if it doesn't interest you at all,
I'm still maintaining this blog
(and all the others)
when I have something to blog about.