Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cat and Dog Games

 This is Templeton.
He is one of two barn cats.
I saved him from certain death when he was a kitten
(someone was going to give him to their dog as a play toy)
Templeton has attitude.
He only pays attention to you and allows you to give him attention when he feels like it.
And he enjoys messing with Bailey the chocolate lab.

 Bailey is in the background,
leash looped over a fence post while the humans take care of feeding the horse.
Templeton is perched on the log by the barn door
pretending not to notice the dog.

 But then he looks at Bailey to make sure she's watching
while Templeton rubs up against the door.
He's also been known to sit perched on the bow of the old boat,
closer but still just out of reach.
It drives Bailey bonkers.