Monday, November 10, 2014

Black Gold

 Recently, Big E and I managed to get the garden weeded 
and tilled and ready for the winter.
We have a large pile of straw mulch and weeds that need to be burned 
(to hopefully kill off some of those squash bugs that lived among them)
but other than that, it's all good to go.

 We also began carting wheelbarrows full of composted manure
up the hill from the barn to the garden.
(and after pushing a few wheelbarrows full I realize we have a crap ton lot of work to do to get in shape for the 40 for my 40th)
It's black gold.
We're hoping this helps with some of the issues the garden was having this past growing season.
We had a great year the year before, but this year was less than stellar.
I blamed our lack of fertilizing.
(Not to mention we had that little thing called a wedding to plan)

There's about 3/4 of the garden left to fill with all that warm composted fertilizer
and once that's done,
we plan on covering it with black plastic.
I've been told the black plastic will heat up and kill off bugs and weed seeds.
At the very least it will help the soil warm up in the spring 
so perhaps I'll have quick germination for those spring veggies.
Now we just have to wait out the winter...