Monday, September 15, 2014

Buh Bye, Fruit Fly

If you have produce in your house, chances are you've had fruit flies at one point or another too.
They like ripe fruit.
They love fruit (and veggies) that are beyond their "ripe" point.
I recently had a problem with them because of a couple of bad peaches
in a bunch I purchased from the orchard.
Luckily, that same day, a blog I follow posted the cure for fruit flies.
(Find original post here)
So here's what you do:
Get a jar, cup, whatever.
I used a red solo cup at home
but I think using a 4oz quilted canning jar is nicer.
Put a squirt of dishwashing liquid in the jar.
Add about 2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar to the jar.
Stir carefully 
(don't splash it up the sides, just mix it a bit)
Use a piece of plastic wrap to put over the top.
Hold it in place with a rubber band
or use the canning ring like I did here
(the canning ring works great!)
Use a pen to poke some small holes in the top.
I poked about 5 in there.
Set it somewhere where the flies can get to it.
I set my on the kitchen windowsill.
In just a few hours,
I got about 40 of those buggers.
(those small blackish specks in the bottom of the jar).
It really works!