Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden of Weedin

We finally had some time to work in the garden this weekend.
It's no longer the "Garden of Weedin'"
Our corn is growing- sort of.
Some didn't come up at all.
We staggered the plantings-
2 rows, then planted 2 more rows 2 weeks later, etc.
Hoping this allows us to use what we harvest rather than
having 50+ ears to deal with all at once.
The pumpkins are growing like crazy.
Unfortunately, I discovered some squash bugs in the garden.
These things are my nemesis.
They single handedly killed the pumpkins and most of the zucchini and squash last year.
I have a plan though.
Here is one of our 3 potato plants.
I don't recommending deciding to order potatoes
and wanting to make a potato tower 2 weeks before your wedding.
We just planted them in the ground, so I don't have too much hope of potatoes this year.
The beans love the trellis.
I have green beans and black beans growing here.
The cucumbers needed a little help with the trellis.
For the future, I plan to use strips of wood to make more climbing area
for the vines.
The peas are doing well. 
We harvested a bagful.
And I ate several pods.
The zucchini has been producing for a couple of weeks now.
It's delicious.
The squash bugs think so too,
We pulled beets, zucchini, squash and peas.
This photo doesn't show the huge bucket full
of squash and zucchini.
There was one tomato, but those mother cluckers got to it before I did.
Bertha was checking out the produce being offered.
She and Martha Stewart got to the one ripening tomato before I could.
 I have tons of green tomatoes.
I'm thinking of trying to fry some up- something I've never cooked or eaten.