Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's Up?

This may come as a shock, 
but we got more snow.
Luckily, we didn't receive the 8-12" they were predicting, though 
we did manage another 4-6" with a visit from the polar vortex.
I'm so glad he came back to visit.
It just really seems like Spring is never coming
and we'll be stranded in this perpetual winter.
Then the chickens started laying eggs regularly.
So eventually I guess we'll start thawing out.
Let's hope it's soon.
All this winter had me in a real snit.
Stress didn't help either.
But I'm still trying to work on resolutions
even though it seems like a wasted cause.
I heard someone say that there's still 10 months to work on resolutions.
I thought that was a ludicrous statement,
but it's true.
There's nothing that say you must make good on them by the end of February.
So on that note I've managed to achieve the following:
Paying off credit card debt
Breaking through the weight plateau I was stuck at
(though I'm not exercising enough yet or eating perfectly healthy)
We managed a couple of family nights/times and need to get that on a regular basis
We managed 1 date night and need to get that on a regular schedule too!
I've been a little better about eating habits. There's been more salad and less crap.
More water and tea and less soda.
These are all positive things, and I'm working with renewed fervor to get more accomplished.
Today Lent begins and as a child I always tried to "give something up" for Lent.
This year I'm deciding to give up bad carbs/stress eating.
Might seem more like a diet than a Lent offering,
but I really, really rely on stress eating to make me feel better.
Except I don't feel better because I get upset that I ate whatever I ate
and then I need to eat something else from the stress of eating something bad.
So, I'm giving up my crutch, my comfort 
and forcing myself to be healthier and work through things in a healthier way.