Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updates: Resolutions, Warm Chickens and an Abandonded Puppy

As far as resolutions go,  
I haven't followed through with any of them yet.  
This makes me ticked off with myself and 
that hopefully means a renewed desire to get back to the plan.  
While many might think resolutions as a waste of time, 
the ones I made were items I wanted to work on to improve my life.  
So by not doing them,
I'm not improving anything 
and I'm staying in this stagnant pool and that is no longer acceptable.  
Stress, however, has a way of waylaying your best intentions.  
(of course the healthier eating and exercise will help with stress so I should just shut up and get to it)

In other news, 
the chickens lived through the Great Polar Vortex of 2014.
Not that I was overly concerned.
The biggest problem was breaking the waterer.
This Spring I'll be thinking up some other ideas for that
(someone I know uses a 5 gallon bucket, that would make things easier most of the year- 
less cleaning and fill ups)

The big news is that Big E and I found a puppy.
He's featured in the video above barking- halfheartedly- at the chickens
(if one of those hens came towards him he'd be hiding behind my legs).
(Finally had time to do a full cleaning of the coop between cold fronts and rain/snow showers)
We found him this past Sunday
along a rural dirt road.
He was nearly hit by another car.
We have, of course, sent word to the 2 area SPCA's 
and posted an ad in the local paper.
No one has called.
We also contacted the only 2 houses in the area and neither families know the dog.
That leads me to believe that he was dumped there on the country road 
in the winter.
Because if I lost a puppy I'd be frantic looking for him
since he can't protect himself from other animals 
and has not yet learned about the dangers of cars.
Both SPCA's agree that he's most likely a dump.
I can't believe this myself because he's such a good puppy.
Since Sunday we have had NO accidents in the house or crate.
He hasn't chewed up the pillow he sleeps on in the crate either
(my lab Bailey would have devoured it 30 seconds after being locked up).
So for now, while we search for potential owners who might be looking for him,
he's staying.
We're calling him Clyde.

PSA: If you have an unwanted animal, DO NOT dump them on the street, release them into the woods or dump them in a stream.  There are places that will take them in- like a humane society or SPCA.  Many have overnight holding cages.