Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Resolutions Address

I think the Arctic temperatures have everything bound up.
Like icy constipation.
Frozen pipes.

I broke another chicken waterer this morning
and I'm tired of having to keep the chickens locked up.
They aren't too happy about that either.
The dark cold snowy night treks to the coop are getting old too.
This guy is staying (like there was ever a doubt he would).
Ended up naming him Jake.

So exactly what have I managed to do as far as resolutions?
I did get groceries for the office so I won't be needing to eat out this week during work.
And what I got is salad items and celery and hummus for snacking.
So I'm improving in those couple of things.
I have not exercised. 
I did pin a couple of exercise items to Pinterest
(I don't think that counts).
I downloaded a meditation app on my iPhone
that seems like a pretty good one actually.
I haven't used it yet.

I did get rid of 2 trash bags full of toys from my son's room.
And I donated some unneeded blankets
and some shirts.

So, it's obvious I need to kick it up a notch.
 But I'm guessing I'll be doing more procrastinating
by playing with this cutie and taking 50 million instagram photos of him.